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Major Winter Storms Forecast In Mammoth

Posted by sbild on January 3, 2023

Major Winter Storms Forecast In Mammoth. Just in case you’re here in Mammoth Lakes or are coming in soon, you may want to know what’s going on. Here are a couple of safety tips for dealing with the huge amount of snow forecast in the next few days.

We are no strangers to huge storms here in Mammoth Lakes, but maybe you haven’t spent a weekend in a white-out-snow-storm before? With a few major storms in our forecast, we wanted to make sure you have some important tips for success (and for being safe!)

Check out this list below for the Major Winter Storms Forecast In Mammoth:

❄️ PRACTICE putting on your chains before you get here (there are tons of youtube videos that can help!)
❄️ Chain-up as soon as you enter a chain-required area
❄️ Call 800-427-ROAD or visit the Caltrans Quickmap site for current chain control restrictions or road conditions, listen to KMMT 106.5, Sierra Wave 92.5, or KIBS 100.7 FM, or look for chain control signs throughout town.
❄️ Give yourself 3x the stopping room at lights, stop signs, and following other vehicles on the road
❄️ DO NOT Pass snow removal equipment on the roads
❄️ Clear ALL the snow off of the roof of your car
❄️ Move your car for snow plows when they arrive at your hotel/condo/house.
❄️ Use the FREE transit services in Town. If you aren't comfortable driving in wintry conditions, let the professionals at ESTA do the driving for you.
❄️ Just because it’s snowing does not mean that traffic rules and lanes do not exist.
❄️ Do not create your own parking spot!
❄️ Please do not start your car to warm up in a closed garage
❄️ Be safe with fireplaces (and even safer about disposing of hot ashes)
❄️ Use public transportation whenever possible, and don’t drive unless you absolutely have to
❄️ Bundle up and wear appropriate clothing when venturing outside (remember the temperatures/conditions can change very quickly)
❄️ Follow @mammothmountain for live & hourly mountain updates
❄️ Visit Snowsmart this winter for a list of Tow companies, Taxi & Shuttle services, current chain restrictions, and highway conditions.
❄️ As always, you are at elevation, drink more water than normal (and watch how much alcohol you consume)
❄️ Have fun, hunker down, be safe, and please be patient!

Don’t forget to thank the local employees you encounter while you are around town. They are working hard to make your holiday vacation go as smoothly as possible while dealing with the same storm you are.

Kindness goes a long way!

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