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Heavy Snow May Damage Your Home

Posted by sbild on January 11, 2023

The Town of Mammoth Lakes Building Division is notifying all property owners to be aware of, understand, and manage the signs of structural damage resulting from heavy snow. 

When the Town experiences periods of heavy snowfall, structures in town can experience some degree of structural damage. Small cracks in drywall and doors not closing fully can be common symptoms of snow-load-induced stress on buildings. While this may at first appear to be alarming, these signs are normal, even in average snow years, and your building is likely to be structurally sound.

However, should you see broken or fractured structural members, such as roof rafters and beams, or deformed roof or wall surfaces, please report that damage right away to the Mammoth Lakes Building Division at (760) 937-5939 or (760) 965-3632. You may also contact the Mammoth Lakes Fire Protection District (MLFPD) at (760) 934-2300.

The Town has posted important and potentially lifesaving information on the Town of Mammoth Lakes website, under “Quick Links” and as a printable PDF to help property owners understand the signs of structural damage from heavy snow and to help mitigate these impacts with local resources. Helpful and critical resources include contacts for local snow removal contractors as well as other general contractors, engineers, and building supply stores.

For additional information, please contact the Town of Mammoth Lakes Building Division at (760) 965-3632.

Article previously emailed and was provided by the Town or Mammoth Lakes

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