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Getting Ready to Sell Your Home

Posted by sbild on December 12, 2022

How to get your home ready to sell in Mammoth Lakes!

The decision was made - the house is going to be listed in Mammoth Lakes. Now is the time to get the home ready. Hammer in your hand, you look around - whoa! This looks pretty overwhelming! Before the hammer hits the first nail or pain brush touches the walls, make a plan.

Many times the kitchen is the first and perhaps only thing updated for the sale of the home. However, you may only recoup 52% of the entire cost of the update. So, let's look at the necessary and easier route to take to get your home ready to sell.

1. Repair. Make home repairs like fixing leaky plumbing, broken windows, chipped paint, loose hinges, or things you have put off for too long.

2. Clean! Do some deep cleaning for example in the kitchen, closets, garage, and carpets! Dirt is a deterrent to buyers.

3. Minimize. Put away nick nacks, pictures, and memorabilia - anything that says it is your house. In fact, take some furniture out that will help create more space to be imagined. Excess furniture and personal items detract from the buys imagining their house in that space.

4. Paint. Refreshing the color or changing the color to a more neutral one is one of the cheapest updates you can make to your home. Bringing a fresh look, even that freshly painted smell, is more inviting to a buyer and again helps them to imagine their own space.

5. Stage. Consider a professional home stager who can help you clear out unneeded furniture, incorporate new furniture, and or give ideas on how to create a more attractive home for buyers. At the very least, consider buying things like new towels for the kitchen and bathrooms and throw pillows for the living areas and bedrooms. A new splash of color with a fresher look can create a more appealing space.

6. Outside. Make sure there is organization and neatness to your outdoor spaces i.e. storing away any toys and excess lawn furniture as well as freshly painting any cracked or chipped window sills and doorways. Speaking of windows - wash all of them! Also, if any cemented or bricked walkways or driveways need repair, invest in fixing anything that looks worn.

As always, Donna Lisa is available for any consultation you may need to prepare your home for sale! Contact her today!

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